Our Strengths
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A Global Perspective

KESDEE brings the advantage of a global perspective to financial institutions, multinational corporations, central banks and regulatory agencies. KESDEE's expertise on a range of strategic, organizational, operational, analytical, and technological frameworks comes from years of consulting and training experience at organizations around the world.

Services to build your knowledge

GFTT, the subsidory of KESDEE Inc. specializes in conducting seminars for financial practitioners worldwide. The training is 'conceptually sound, yet practical' and is driven by the belief that 'professionals learn by doing' - formed the basis of Blended Training Programs of KESDEE. The state-of-the-art training is a blend of case studies that reflect KESDEE's (GFTT) consulting experience and lesson materials that present topics in varying levels of complexity.

Solutions for an information age

KESDEE's software resources feature valuable reference material that compares banks, financial institutions & corporations in a global context. While the tools offer comprehensive and up-to-date financial information, they are also easy to use. Best of all, the solutions are built on software with open standards so they can be customized to leverage the existing information technology resources.

Interactive Features

KESDEE's e-learning and Reference solutions, offer up-to-date, self-paced, interactive features with seamless integration into the user's technology framework. Interactive Features like Chat, Messaging, Discussion and Feedback are tools that provide channels of communication with Subject Experts as well as peer group of learners. Job Aids/ Simulations/ EPSS are features, which provide information such as Global Best Practices, Disclosures, Policy Templates, and Benchmarking Data that keeps you connected to the real world applications.

SCORM compliant and Internationally Accredited Courses

KESDEE's courses are compliant with SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) which specifies standards for web based e-learning. Aligned with these guidelines; the best quality content is delivered online. Accreditation bodies such as CFP (Certified Financial Planner), ICB (The Institute of Certified Bankers), ICPAS (The Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore) accredit these courses.

Course authored by renowned SME's

KESDEE's courses are authored by a Global Network of Subject Matter Experts,with years of experience in the domain areas of Finance and Banking.

Prestigious clients and partners endorse KESDEE's courses

Some of Fortune 500 companies are clients and partners of KESDEE. These include: Citigroup, Standard Chartered, John Deere, Genworth Financial, Infosys etc.