Blended Learning
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Blended learning is a technique that seamlessly integrates and delivers the advantages of traditional, instructor-led learning, and the convenience of webbased training.

It addresses the notion that all people do not learn information in the same way. With the advances in technology, technical learning methods can now be added to the mix of choices available to the instructor and the student. Blended learning takes advantage of the power of technology to deliver training "just in time," anywhere and anytime.

KESDEE - Blended Learning Approaches
KESDEE together with GFTT (A division of KESDEE Inc.) leverages its inhouse expertise in knowledge and technology to design and deliver blended training programs to seasoned practitioners from banks and financial institutions worldwide. For over two decades GFTT has specialized in providing executive education and consultancy services to the global financial services industry.

Across 40 countries, GFTT has conducted both in-house and public enrollment programs on Balance Sheet Management, Corporate Treasury Management, Capital Markets, and Risk Management for executives from the corporate and financial industry. With a clear understanding of the challenges of the global financial services industry, GFTT is uniquely positioned to deliver a suite of dynamic and effective training solutions.