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KESDEE recognizes the need to offer custom-built solutions that address niche training requirements. A team of experts with the finest know-how in domain, design, and technology are dedicated towards developing customized educational packages to address all your training needs.

Look and Feel Customization
Our e-learning training material can be designed to promote your corporate image by incorporation of your organization's logo, colors, visuals, and layouts.

Content Customization
KESDEE's Off-the-Shelf course libraries have nearly 4,000 knowledge objects, all global in scope, covering both on and off balance sheet, debt, equity and hybrid instruments, banking / capital markets, insurance products, legal and regulatory and several others. Our team of experts with the finest know-how in domain, design and technology can modify our readily available products and customize them to your needs. We undertake customization in these areas:
  • Industry specific
  • Subject matter specific
  • Country / region specific
  • Comprehension specific (basic / advanced levels)
As our valuable client, you have the option of choosing specific Course Groups or Courses to customize a learning solution that is specific to your area of expertise. For example, a program on Interest Rate Derivatives will incorporate all derivatives related to interest rates such as Futures, Forwards, Options, Caps, Floors, Collars, Swaps and Captions / Swaptions. If you require a program on Futures, it will incorporate all Futures such as Interest Rate Futures, Currency Futures, Commodity Futures, Equity Futures, and others.

You can also conveniently pull up definitions/formulas that are specific to your business practice or customize concepts that are critical to your learning goal from our 4,000 knowledge objects, with further important links to more detailed analysis. Customization gives you the additional benefit of adding relevant policies /procedures, case studies or private labeling of the program or your own video clips.

Technology Customization
From designing a custom-built interface to link you to an intranet, modifying technology, and delivery solutions, we have the expertise to empower you with state-of-the-art technology.

Our products can be installed on corporate intranets with hosting done on a thirdparty server or offered as a fully outsourced model with global access, performance, and security guarantee.

Our courseware can also be adapted to reflect country specific conditions and needs of the target audience through changes in content, translation, design, and delivery platform.