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For any business it is essential to identify, assess and manage the risks facing them. Be it credit risk, market risk or any other financial risk, all risks need to be tackled with varied degrees of diligence. These courses on risk management build a solid foundation for identifying, measuring and managing various types of risks.

Credit Risk Management

Counterparty Credit Risk (Library of 9 courses)

Covers techniques for measuring credit risk for derivative products and techniques for the mitigation of pre-settlement/settlement risks such as netting, margin and collateral requirements.

Credit Analysis (Library of 13 courses)

Provides understanding of the credit risk analysis process and financial statement analysis, which includes ratio and cash flow analysis. Also covers non-financial factors that affect creditworthiness.

Credit Derivatives (Library of 23 courses)

Provides an introduction to various credit derivative instruments along with application of these for various participants and implementation issues.

Credit Ratings (Library of 3 courses)

Deals with methodologies for rating credits, and criteria for credit analysis and scoring. Describes credit rating practices of specialized rating agencies and Basel's internal rating-based approach.

Credit Risk Modeling (Library of 6 courses)

Explains conceptual approaches to Credit Risk Modeling. The most widely accepted credit models such as JP Morgan CreditMetrics, CSFB Credit Risk , McKinsey Credit Portfolio View and KMV Credit Monitor are elucidated.

Market Risk Management

Market Risk - Basic (Library of 8 courses)

Covers the various sources of market risk, which include Interest Rate Risk, Foreign Exchange Risk, Equity Risk and Commodity Risk. Introduces the learner to ways of measuring market risk using Value at Risk (VaR).

Market Risk - Intermediate (Library of 8 courses)

Introduces tools such as VaR and stress testing to estimate Market Risk. Details of various Risk Management Softwares are available. Analyzes case studies of Barings Bank, Orange County and Metallgesellschaft.

Market Risk - Advanced (Library of 4 courses)

An advanced level course handling VaR and stress testing with an emphasis on modeling. It explains advanced volatility and correlation models such as GARCH and EMWA.

Value at Risk (Library of 16 courses)

Value at risk is vital for banks, securities firms, commodity and energy merchants, and other trading organizations to be able to track their portfolios' market risk. It is a measure used by financial practitioners to quantify risk of a portfolio. The Course introduces the same and provides an ...

Operational Risk Management

Operational Risk Management (Library of 21 courses)

Helps the learner comprehend aspects of Operational Risk such as Methodology, Risk Mitigation, Measuring and Managing Operational Risk. Helps understand Risk Models, Legal Risk, Emerging Challenges and Operational Risk Systems and Software.

Operational Risk Management - Basel II (Library of 9 courses)

This eLearning module comprises of a series of units or "core themes" to collectively cover the complete scope of norms and requirements as prescribed by the Basel II mandate. Beginning with an explanation of the components that form the ORM framework, describing then the risk assessment process, ...