Bank Balance Sheet Management
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The after shocks of economic slowdown have taught the financial institutions and many other business houses to take advantage of the current environment as well as the anticipated changes.

The current interest rate and regulatory environment is filled with uncertainties. To tackle such issues, here is the set of course offerings that will enable the reader to discuss, quantify, evaluate, and document the various aspects of asset liability management, and liquidity management under the changing conditions of the market.

Bank Balance Sheet Management

Asset Liability Management (Library of 28 courses)

A comprehensive course library covering principles of ALM, proprietary 9-part framework, strategies, analytical techniques, AL organization structure, policies and procedures, audit and funds transfer pricing.

Financial Institution Analysis - CAMELS Approach (Library of 8 courses)

This product assesses different aspects of commercial banks operations to determine the soundness of its condition. The courses describe the methodology used by examiners to assess these factors and the criteria for assigning ratings to a bank. With the help of a case study, the courses demonstrate ...

Global Economic Crisis - Liquidity Management (A library of 10 courses)

This e-learning course on Liquidity Management - Government Programs is designed to help users to understand various lending and funding facilities provided by FRB for various purposes. The e-learning course also helps user to understand the FDIC's initiatives in the nation's financial sector and ...

Liquidity Management and Contingency Funding Plan (Library of 14 courses)

An introduction to measuring, monitoring and controlling liquidity. It deals with cost-benefit analysis of various liquidity strategies, funding and trading liquidity risks and contingency funding plan.