Core Banking and Finance
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The core banking and finance courses are designed for professionals who are new to the field of finance and banking, and need to acquire basic financial skills. These courses provide a strong foundation of the core concepts in banking and also familiarize the readers with key concepts in finance, economics, and risk.

Core Financial Concepts

Economics (Library of 16 courses)

This e-learning course on 'Economics' introduces the key concepts in micro- and macroeconomics. The course introduces some of the important concepts such as elasticity and efficiency, which enable analysts to differentiate among various companies on an individual level, and to determine their ...

Financial Mathematics (Library of 8 courses)

An introduction to time value of money, yield curve analysis, total return analysis, duration, convexity, probability distributions, correlation and regression analysis.

Project Valuation (Library of 3 courses)

All organizations, big or small, battle with one constant constraint -- limited resources and unlimited ambitions. The ever increasing demand for higher shareholder's worth keeps increasing the pressure on these resources, be it monetary, physical or intangible assets. This in turn forces ...

Risk Analysis (Library of 5 Courses)

Risk analysis is a comprehensive e-learning course that helps the learner how to conduct an over all risk assessment of any business transaction.

Core Banking Concepts

Basics of Banking (Library of 13 courses)

A comprehensive e-learning course library comprising 13 courses on various topics in understanding basics of Indian Banking System.

Introduction to Bank Lending Environment (Library of 7 courses)

This e-learning course on 'Introduction to Bank Lending Environment' is designed to help users understand the lending aspect of a bank. The course covers the principles of lending, the various forms and types of commercial lending by a bank. An in-depth discussion about the concept of working ...