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Financial planning and wealth management deals with helping individuals manage their finances and wealth and includes a variety of services such as financial planning, investment portfolio management, and estate planning, insurance planning, and retirement planning among others. Sharp skills are required to identify a suitable product meeting the individual's need. Bankers and wealth management advisors thus should have sound understanding of various products and investment avenues to match the growing wealth management needs of the individuals.

These courses are designed to provide a solid foundation of all the key disciplines of financial planning and wealth management.

Financial Planning and Wealth Management

Estate Planning (Library of 4 courses)

This e-learning course on 'Estate Planning' is designed to help users understand the estate planning aspects. The course covers the basic aspects of estate planning and various methods of property transfers. The course also focuses on various aspects of will creation such as need and importance of ...

Financial Planning (Library of 9 courses)

This e-learning course on 'Financial Planning' is designed to help users plan their finances. Basic concepts of financial planning, goal setting, and maximizing assets are discussed. An in-depth discussion of investing strategies is provided, including various instruments suitable for both savers ...

Insurance Concepts (Library of 10 Courses)

All individuals like to live a peaceful, healthy life with minimum risks involved. However, there are some unavoidable risks, which individuals cannot avoid even if they tried their best. What they can do is, get coverage against the loss caused by such risk elements that may be natural or man ...

Mutual Funds (Library of 9 courses)

This e-learning course on 'Mutual Funds' provides an in-depth coverage of the mutual fund industry and its operations in an interactive format. It is intended to familiarize you with the basic concepts related to mutual funds. The course first provides the fundamentals, explaining what mutual funds ...

Retirement Planning (Library of 4 Courses)

This e-learning course library on Retirement Planning is designed to help users get familiar with various aspects of retirement planning. The designed course modules are a journey from understanding the basics of retirement planning, its needs, assumptions, and various steps involved in retirement ...