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Accounting is a stimulating and challenging discipline and is considered the language of practical business life. It is not just recording of financial transactions but much more. Accounting professionals are required to keep themselves up to date with the key financial reporting standards, auditing, and disclosure requirements.

The courses provide a solid foundation of the accounting concepts, reporting standards, financial analysis and management.

Finance & Accounting

Budgeting (Library of 5 courses)

Modern businesses are an epitome of uncertainty and complexity. Over the period, this uncertainty and complexity in business has led to the development of various managerial tools, techniques and procedures useful in managing business successfully. Of all these, budgeting is the most common and ...

Financial Accounting (Library of 15 courses)

Any organization that deals with money or money's worth needs to record every transaction that it enters into. The courses in this product give a complete understanding right from scratch to preparation and analysis of financial statements. The product is supplemented with a good number of well ...

Management Accounting (Library of 7 courses)

Financial decisions impact virtually every area of the business. The product 'Management Accounting' comprises of, an in-depth coverage of two crucial areas of every business i.e., Management of Current Assets & Management of Working Capital. It presents the principles and techniques of managing ...

Understanding Financial Statements (Library of 6 courses)

Financial Statements speak in a nutshell about the financial affairs of a business organization. The Course is intended to familiarize you with the basic concepts, elements, form, necessity & the importance of financial statements.