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KESDEE Inc. offers you a suite of Learning Management Solutions with high utility and low cost ownership. The Learning Management System from KESDEE (K-LMS) is a software package that automates training. It is a scalable and flexible platform for managing both instructor-led and e-learning activities, resources, curriculums, and courseware catalogs across the enterprise. The product is an end-to-end fully integrated learning solution that enables customers to manage their entire training.

K-LMS is compliant to SCORM 1.2 (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) specifications. K-LMS is capable of launching SCORM compliant courses. K-LMS has been thoroughly tested and proven on various operating systems and databases.

Designed as an enterprise class distributed object application built on web technologies and relational databases, K-LMS helps you to integrate e-learning solutions into your existing infrastructure with minimal effort.

K-LMS Models

KESDEE Inc. offers Learning Management System in two different models.

Deployment Model - KESDEE will install and configure the K-LMS on either the Intranet/Internet servers of the organization. Training is imparted by using the features of the LMS. KESDEE provides maintenance version updates on the K-LMS annually subject to the terms and conditions of the contract.

ASP Model - KESDEE will deploy and manage the K-LMS along with the IT infrastructure. Using this outsourcing model, organization can benefit from hassle free access to e-learning content while having to spend less time and effort on technical support issues with respect to the IT infrastructure. ASP model leverages the power of shared computing by making it a cost-effective solution. This model comes with attractive price options based on the number of users.

K-LMS provides different role based privileges and its features can be customized to match with the client's requirements. The range of customization possible with K- LMS is a continuum. Organizations can also deliver their marketing presentations and other marketing material on products and services by using the K-LMS platform.

Benefits of K-LMS
  • Organizes and delivers e-learning courses
  • Increased accessibility
  • Lower costs through reusability
  • Increased flexibility
  • Quick information update
  • Affordable and low cost of ownership
  • A wide range of customization possibilities
  • Helps organizations in developing marketing presentations and other marketing materials.
  • Capable of launching SCORM 1.2 compliant courses.
  • Compatible with databases like Oracle, MySQL & SQL server and with any operating system. Hence the additional investment on hardware & software to run our e-learning applications can be avoided.
  • Successfully tested on Windows 2000/Sun Solaris 5.8 platforms
  • Can be deployed on open source platforms like Linux and application servers like JBOSS 4.0
  • Provides Training Manager and Training Coordinator support to handle large Learner base
  • Designed for robustness, performance and scalability of the organization's e-learning needs
Features of K-LMS include:
  • Online Chat
  • Messaging
  • Discussion forum
  • Progress Reports
  • Notepad
  • Search
  • Calendar
  • Feedback