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KESDEE has established partnerships with renowned organizations across the globe to deliver world-class e-learning solutions in Banking, Finance, Accounting, Insurance and Risk Management.

KESDEE's partnerships include:

1. Content Partners

KESDEE's e-learning courses have been developed based on over 20 years of financial consulting and training worldwide. We continue to use the services of experts in developing new courses.

2. Channel Partners

KESDEE has entered into tie-ups with many prestigious institutions that distribute its e-learning and reference solutions through a private label learning portal (a portal that is customized with the look-and-feel of the partner organization), set up for their members. KESDEE's channel partners also include a select group of distributors and channel partners to distribute e-learning courses. Also known as value-added resellers, these channel partners source KESDEE's e-learning courses, redefine their value in terms of content or technology administration, and expedite course delivery to the pre-determined target.

3. Technology Partners

KESDEE's e-learning courses are deployed on all leading LMS Platforms, thus assuring users of interoperability with an LMS of their choice.

If you are interested in partnering with us, please e-mail us at partners@kesdee.com