Financial Markets and Instruments
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Financial markets have evolved over the past few years and become very robust and complex in nature. To be able to succeed, it requires specialized knowledge and skills of both the functioning of the markets and the financial instruments.

These e-learning modules on financial markets and instruments not only offer the readers a basic understanding of the various markets and instruments but also provide detailed knowledge covering the qualitative and quantitative aspects of all markets and the instruments traded therein.

Global Financial Markets

Brokerage-Operations(Library of 1 course)

This course provides you an overview of the prime broking business, and the major services offered by the prime brokerage firms. The course also discusses the future of prime brokerage.

Commodity and Energy Markets (Library of 3 courses)

This e-learning course on 'Commodity and Energy Markets' is designed to help users understand the characteristic of commodity and energy market. In-depth discussion of commodity derivatives such as commodity forwards, commodity futures, commodity options and commodity swaps.

Equity Markets (Library of 10 courses)

This solution deals with equity valuation, global equity markets and equity derivatives of every kind (Stock Index Futures, Equity Options, Equity Structured Products, Principal- protected equity- Indexed Products, Warrants and Convertibles). Practical examples and applications are illustrated from ...

Fixed Income Markets (Library of 19 courses)

This product deals comprehensively with Global Bond Markets- government and corporate, domestic and Euro, straight and option-embedded. Together with courses from Money Markets / Derivatives course libraries, delegates have opportunities to analyze products, pricing, trading and hedging strategies ...

Flotation (Library of 4 courses)

This e-learning course on 'Flotation' introduces the topics relating to basic aspects like reasons for listing of shares, listing requirements, contents of prospectus. Then it takes through various methods of initial public offerings (IPO) and different factors considered in selection of flotation ...

Foreign Exchange Markets (Library of 9 courses)

Different foreign exchange products; their pricing and applications are comprehensively dealt with in this course. Discussions include the foreign exchange market risks. All foreign exchange derivatives such as currency futures / swaps / options and second-generation forward contracts are ...

Money Markets (Library of 9 courses)

Money market operations, instruments of money markets including Money Market Deposits, Certificates of Deposit, Repos, Treasury Bills, Bills of Exchange and Commercial Paper are made easy to understand in this course.

Trading Operation Controls (Library of 4 courses)

This e-learning course on 'Trading Operation Controls' is designed to help users understand the logical sequence of events involved in trade life cycle. An in-depth discussion of role and structure of front, middle and back office.


Futures and Forwards (Library of 7 courses)

The product encompasses description of their markets, trading terminologies, pricing methodologies, hedging techniques, and various types of futures contracts.

Options (Library of 10 courses)

Explains terms of option terminology, basic hedging and trading strategies. Covers the binomial model, Black-Scholes and Merton model. Also describes Greeks and Time Value of Options.

Swaps (Library of 7 courses)

Explains the fundamentals of swaps, interest rate swaps, currency swaps, commodity swaps, equity swaps and Swaptions.