Regulations and Compliance
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  Banking Regulations, Basel I, II & III
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Basel II - University (Library of 39 courses)
This is a comprehensive course that covers the requirements for Basel II as per the revised framew more...
Basel III - Liquidity Risk Management (Library of 6 courses)
The library is designed to impart basic knowledge about the reforms proposed through Basel III arran more...
Capital Adequacy Planning - Basel I (Library of 7 courses)
Covers regulatory capital requirements for credit risk and market risk based on 1988 capital accord, more...
Global Banking Supervision (Library of 15 courses)
Focuses on the measurement, monitoring and formulation of prudential regulations. Describes require more...
Operational Risk Management - Basel II (Library of 9 courses)
This eLearning module comprises of a series of units or "core themes" to collectively cover the comp more...

  Operations and Compliance
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Dodd-Frank Act (Library of 2 courses)
The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reforms and Consumer Protection Act, commonly known as the Dodd-Frank Act more...
Anti Money Laundering (Library of 8 courses)
The 9/11 terrorist attacks in the United States have led the international community to formulate n more...
Corporate Governance (Library of 9 courses)
This product helps the user understand how Corporations are best managed and governed. Cites princi more...
Financial Privacy (Library of 6 courses)
The product presents the financial privacy regulation promulgated under the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act. more...
Governance, Risk and Compliance (Library of 7 courses)
In recent times there has been a significant shift in financial institutions worldwide in terms of h more...
Sarbanes Oxley Act (Library of 12 courses)
The series of corporate financial scandals that took place in the United States has led to the frami more...

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