KESDEE empowers your organizational learning culture through KESDEE Learning Management System (K-LMS), a software package designed with Service oriented Architecture (SOA) model that automates all your training activities. It is a scalable, flexible platform for managing both instructor-led and e-learning activities, resources, schedules, and courseware catalogs across the organization. With KESDEE Learning Management System, you will bring home the benefits of a high utility, comprehensive system, which will reduce your administrative efforts and costs dramatically. K-LMS promises efficient delivery of personalized courses to match the demands of a knowledge economy.

Admin Control Panel

  • Manage user facility
  • Manage group facility
  • Manage license facility
  • Multiple and customizable report generation

Learning Features

  • Multi device supported course player
  • Multimedia course content – animations, audio/video, exercise and quiz
  • Customized learning path
  • Progress view
  • Calendar utility
  • Messaging utility
  • Discussion feature
  • Notepad utility
  • Feedback option

ELearning Standards and Compliance

  • Content-Aggregation Standard
  • Sharable Content Objects (SCO)
  • Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM)


  • Customizable shopping cart
  • Flexible buying option
  • Search option

Branding Option

  • Partner branded login and front page
  • Partner branded navigation bar
  • Branded shopping cart

SaaS Model– Software as a Service

KESDEE deploys and manages the K-LMS along with the IT infrastructure. Using this outsourcing model, the organizations can benefit from hassle free access to e-learning content by spending less time and effort on technical support issues with respect to the IT infrastructure. SaaS model leverages the power of cloud computing, thereby making it a cost-effective solution for all. This model comes with attractive price options based on the number of users.

Behind the Proxy Solution

KESDEE will install and configure the K-LMS on either the Intranet/Internet servers of the organizations. Training is imparted for using the various attractive features of the LMS. KESDEE provides maintenance and version updates on K-LMS annually, subject to the terms and conditions of the contract agreed upon initially (may be altered as per the requirement from time to time).

K-Assessment Engine

The KESDEE Standalone Assessment engine is a powerful application for measuring the effectiveness of your training; provides essential practice for strengthening the learning process. Designed to make standalone assessment for quick knowledge evaluation. Tests are written to the highest standards of technical accuracy where you will find a set number of attempts that contains unique set of questions from the random pool. Users can view a graded exam showing correct answer, wrong answer, along with the entire list of questions and their feedbacks at the end. Further, the system dynamically collect calculates, generates candidates reports immediately.

The assessment Engine can easily set up with any SCORM 1.2 Compliance LMS to get leverage with SCORM tracking and LMS reporting features.

Key features that are includes
  • Refined easy-to-use Exam Interface with multi-device compatibility.
  • Multiple choice single answer, Multiple choice multiple answers, and True or False
  • Randomized and Unique Question set on each attempt.
  • Time bound Exam Activity.
  • Ability to Limit Exam Attempts.
  • Mark and Review allows or prevent question review, and re-attempting the questions
  • Result view, Feed Back and Report provides effective analysis of performance

K-eBook Reader

KESDEE eBook reader provides platform to host and read HTML based eBook content. The eReader interface is compatible with touch events that offers better compatibility for multi-device accessibility.

  • Multi Device Support with Touch Events for Navigation
  • Additional Reading in ‘Job Aids’ includes Video Lectures, Assignment Summaries, and Interactive Infographic Quicksheet
  • Calendar, Notepad, messaging Features
  • Resume option to start from where user left off in previous reading

K-Authoring Course Builder

K-Authoring CBTool is standalone KESDEE proprietary product for Rapid content authoring process kind of popular products like Storyline, Lectoro, etc. It is our web-based content authoring and reviewing tool, offers your Instructional Designers, Subject Matter Experts and Content Developers a rapid online authoring environment to generate Flash and HTML5 eLearning courses. With customized multi-user and multi-role workflows, a gallery of readily-available templates, media elements and interactivities, a variety of easily configurable course settings, a collaborative story-boarding and reviewing environment, a web-based "What You See Is What You Get" authoring interface, and a host of other cleverly innovative features, CBTool is just the tool you need to increase return on investment and reduce time to market on your organization's eLearning initiatives.KESDEE takes care maintenance & version updates of CBTool. The recent update includes HTML5 compliance content output.

  • Rapid Content Authoring.
  • Flash and HTMl5 Support
  • Template Based
  • Collaborative for Story Boarding, Media Design, Integration and Reviewing.