KESDEE provides the right set of tools, study material, and exam preparation for the popular certification exams such as PRM, FRM®, and CFA® Program.

These e-Coaches are useful not only for those who are pursuing the certification but also for everyone as a valuable reference tool and benchmark of risk management competency as per the Global Certification Standards.

Exam Preparation Tutorials (eCoaches)

Study for the exam curriculum using our online tutorials. These tutorials are clear, comprehensive, and concise.

The tutorials are designed to take you through the curriculum and cover all the objectives specified for each topic.

The tutorials also include the mock exams to help you practice for the exams. The mock exams are packed with hundreds of multiple-choice questions to build your confidence for clearing the actual exam.

Practice for the exam using our diagnostic exams.

Diagnostic exams are online practice exams that help you get familiar with the actual exam environment in terms of the exam duration, and the format of questions.

Our diagnostic exams are packed with hundreds of questions to provide you adequate practice.
All students subscribing to the e-Coaches are provided access to our interactive online learning management system. The learning management system takes a modular approach for teaching and effectively guides the students on their path for clearing the exams.

Comprehensive Study Material
All the tutorials are designed as per the PRM exam curriculum. These tutorials are clear, comprehensive, and concise. Each concept is clearly explained, illustrated with the help of examples, and supported by ample practice questions to gauge your understanding of concepts.
Online Diagnostic Exams
Our diagnostic exams contain hundreds of multiple-choice questions to provide you adequate practice. The online tests are generated randomly from a large pool of questions. You can attempt these tests multiple times to consolidate your knowledge.
Access to Experts
Qualified subject matter experts are always on hand to help you in your studies. Just email them in order to get personal and prompt response for your questions.
Learn Anytime,.... Anywhere…
ePRM Coach provides you the flexibility of learning from anywhere be it your office or home PC.

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