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KESDEE's Course Catalog features an online library of over 1000 hours of instruction delivered courses through the Internet or intranet to meet professional needs across numerous financial topics.

1000 hours of e-learning in over 750 e-Learning courses

e-Learning at KESDEE is based on learning objects, an instructional design principle that uses a collection of information to fulfill a stated learning objective, which can be measured and assessed.

Each learning object is designed to ensure that end users successfully attain the skills required for their unique job role through the provision of: a learning objective, a learning activity and an assessment.

This approach allows learners to access as much or as little of the e-learning content that they need. Our e-learning has the dual flexibility of being used as an independent e-learning tool or functioning as a reference solution.

Benefits of modular approach

For the organization

This modular approach to learning helps to organize courseware into shortlength logical units of instruction, designed to seamlessly blend with other learning units based on universal standards of interoperability. These units can be recombined and repurposed to new audiences and markets. These learning units are referred to as Reusable Learning Objects (RLO), or Shareable Content Objects (SCO). The goals of these methodologies are learning and adaptability.

For the individual learner

At the learner's level, modular architecture makes it possible to customize a course to a unique learning path or to different levels of mastery within the same skill area. Changes and updates require changing only a "chunk" of learning rather than the whole course. Interoperable units not only make training goals easier to achieve, but also provide a sound business underpinning and return on investment for your e-learning dollars.

The Job Aids provided in each course gives a learner the ability to find specific and additional information that is required for the job. All information in our products pertaining to this unit has been collected from leading banks and financial institutions worldwide. KESDEE's Job Aids focus on the application of learnt finance topics and provide policy templates, benchmarking data and measurement tools (calculators/simulations)

List of Job Aids that we provide are given below:

Benchmarking Data

Policy Templates

Measurement Tools (Calculators/Simulations)

e-Learning offers a true, vast, and ongoing knowledge repository where Electronic Performance Support Systems play a key role in introducing new work technologies and systems to economize on time and money and also to improve organizational effectiveness. The EPSS provided in each course gives the learner additional information that is required for enhanced effectiveness on the job. KESDEE's Performance Support Systems focuses on the additional information on topics in Banking and Finance. It includes global best practices, disclosures and regulatory practices adopted in the top financial institutions.

List of EPSS that we offer are the following:

Regulations (Regulatory Database)

Global Best Practices