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Money Markets

A comprehensive e-learning product covering the concepts and application of Money Markets

The themes of this product are:

  • Theory related with coupon bearing and discount instruments
  • Mechanics and arithmetic involved in both instruments
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The money markets are wholesale financial markets in which sovereign states, banks and major corporations raise funds through certain types of loans, or by issuing debt securities. This product is designed to train learners on some of the most common money market instruments in-use at financial centers world-over. The courses are structured to give the user a complete perspective on the instruments- from theory to application. The first three courses lay down the foundation for the remaining courses. The other six courses deal with instrument specific minutiae.

After completing this course you will be familiar with:
  • Fundamentals of money markets
  • Terminology of instruments
  • Arithmetic involved
  • Issuance related aspects, and
  • Specific technicalities, if any

Target Audience
Every professional involved in the global financial services industry (as a provider, user, regulator or advisor of product/services, marketplace/exchange) would benefit from KESDEE’s innovative solutions.

  • Supervisory Agencies

  • Central Banks

  • Financial Institutions

  • Commercial Banks

  • Investment Banks

  • Housing Societies/Thrifts

  • Mutual Funds

  • Brokerage Houses

  • Stock Exchanges

  • Derivatives Exchanges

  • Insurance Companies

  • Multinational Corporations

  • Accountancy Firms

  • Consultancy Firms

  • Law Firms

  • Rating Agencies

  • Multi-lateral Financial Institutions

  • Others

  • Course Level and Number of Courses
    Basic Level. Library of 9 Courses

    Instructional Method
    Dynamic, Interactive e-learning

    Recommended Background
    Familiarity with basic financial concepts

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      Library of 9 Courses

    Money Markets

    Time taken to complete each Course: Two - Three hours

    1. Overview to Money Markets

    • Objectives
    • Introduction to Money Markets
    • Components of Money Markets
    • Interest rates in the Money Markets
    • Who uses the markets?
    • Risks involved

    2. Instruments used in Money Markets

    • Objectives
    • Introduction
    • Coupon bearing instruments
    • Discount instruments

    3. Arithmetic for Money Markets

    • Objectives
    • Day Count calculations
    • Other Money Market calculations

    4. Money Market Deposits

    • Objectives
    • Introduction to deposits
    • Terminology of deposits
    • Mechanics of deposits
    • Clearing and Settlement systems

    5. Certificates of Deposit

    • Objectives
    • Introduction to CDs
    • The markets in CDs
    • Market Pricing

    6. Repurchase Agreements (Repos)

    • Objectives
    • Introduction to Repurchase Agreements (Repos)
    • Types of Repos
    • Different Structures
    • Users & Applications

    7. Treasury Bills

    • Objectives
    • Introduction
    • Arithmetic
    • Issuance

    8. Bills of Exchange

    • Objectives
    • Introduction
    • Features, types and uses of bills of exchange
    • The mechanics of bills of exchange
    • Secondary market in bills of exchange
    • Risks involved in bills of exchange
    • Other matters of interest

    9. Commercial Paper

    • Objectives
    • Introduction
    • Arithmetic
    • Issuance
    • Types of Commercial paper
    • Risk Mitigation


    • Disclosures
    • Mutual fund Prospectus
    • Measurement Tools

    Calculators in Money Markets

    1. Accrued Interest
    2. Day Count Conversions
    3. Day Count
    4. 30/360 Basis
    5. Discount and Price
    6. Effective Rates
    7. Equivalent
    8. Fair Value in Secondary market
    9. Forward-Forward Rate
    10. Holding Yield Period
    11. Maturity Proceeds and Price of a Coupon Bearing Instrument
    12. Price of a Discount Instrument
    13. Price of a Commercial Paper
    14. Money Market Yield of Commercial Paper
    15. Calculating the Money Market yield / Cash Price of CD
    16. Present Value / Future Value Calculations in the Money Market
    17. Time value of Money
    18. Yield - Bill of Exchange

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