Bank Branch Management

A practical guide to functioning of a Bank Branch

Themes of this product are:

  • Understand the procedure of lending in a bank

  • Discuss various types of loans and advances by a bank

  • Understand the principles and practice of lending

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This e-learning course on 'BBM - Advances' is designed to help users understand the overview of credit function of a bank, various types of loans and advances by a bank. An in-depth discussion of procedure of lending different types of accounts by a bank branch is provided. Further, the course also highlights on financial analysis for lending, different securities provided for loans and advances, and asset categorization by banks based on their performance.

After completing this course you will be conversant with :
  • Overview of credit function of a bank branch
  • Principles and practice of lending
  • Financial analysis for lending
  • Securities used against lending
  • Credit documentation and sanction
  • Credit monitoring and loan recovery
  • Asset categorization

Target Audience

Those who are interested in understanding the operations of a bank branch with respect to loans and advances.

Course Level and Number of Courses
Basic to Intermediate. Library of 7 Courses

Instructional Method
Dynamic, Interactive e-learning

Recommended Background
Familiarity with basic financial concepts

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  Library of 7 Courses
Bank Branch Management - Advances
Time taken to complete each Course: One hour

1. Overview of Credit Function

  • The main parameters of classifying bank credit
  • The key features of fund based and non fund-based credit facilities
  • Various stages of the life cycle of bank credit
  • The essential features of each stage of the life cycle

2. Principles and Practice of Lending

  • The meaning of bank lending
  • The types of risks in bank lending
  • The main principles of bank lending
  • The due diligence of proposal
  • The risk rating analysis of applicant and assess the need and quantum of credit

3. Financial Analysis for Lending

  • The meaning of financial analysis
  • The types of financial analysis
  • The meaning of ratio analysis and different kinds of ratios
  • Each ratio and its implications
  • The meaning and mechanics of cash flow analysis

4. Securities for Lending

  • The importance of assignment as a mode of transfer of interest in securities
  • The attributes and importance of guarantees
  • The precautions to be taken while issuing guarantees
  • The importance, attributes, and classification of securities for bank credit
  • The main forms of charges and security creation
  • The main requirements of mortgage creation as a bank security
  • The attributes of different kinds of mortgage
  • The main advantages and disadvantages of mortgage

5. Credit Documentation and Sanctioning

  • The meaning and need for documentation
  • The contents of a loan document
  • The process of documentation
  • The classification of documents
  • The elements of execution and execution by different entities
  • The credit sanctioning process
  • The delegation of financial powers
  • The contents of loan policy and loan agreement

6. Credit Monitoring and Loan Recovery

  • Importance of follow up/monitoring of credit at the branch and other levels of the bank
  • Various tools and modalities of physical and financial follow-up of credit, specially at the branch level
  • Need and modality of annual review/renewal of credit
  • Personal liabilities of the guarantor and principal debtor
  • Exercising rights of set off in certain cases

7. Asset Categorization

  • The norms for asset classification and income recognition
  • Meaning and classification of a non-performing assets (NPAs)
  • Meaning and causes of sickness in business units
  • Basics of an NPA management
  • The principles and procedures of rescheduling loans and compromise settlements
  • The principles and procedure of write-off
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